Fuel Saver


The BARON FUEL SAVER is a frequency resonator that uses Neodymium Super Conductor Magnets, which break and then realign the hydrocarbon chains in the fuel passing through the fuel line of your vehicle. This realignment of the hydrocarbon chains means that the combustion in your vehicle’s engine is more efficient, which in turn means a smoother running, more fuel efficient and far less polluting engine.

Benefits of BARON fuel saver

  1. Guaranteed mileage improvement

Travel 10% – 20% MORE for the same amount of petrol. Time to save some serious money, and even more when fuel price increases!

  1. Increased horsepower (power booster)

Expect extra punches of a-few-more horsepower for that easy overtaking and hill climbing experience.

  1. Reduced visible black smog and toxic gas emission (save our world)

About 50% REDUCTION in toxic gas (carbon monoxide – CO), smog (nitrogen oxide – NOx) and hydrocarbons (HC) emission from vehicles.

  1. Smoother engine operation (less vibration & noise)

Get back the power especially in cold morning drive. Feel a remarkable reduction in jerking as smoother power is delivered.

  1. Easy engine startup

The most immediate sensation to be experienced → easy engine startup.

  1. Cleans your engine

Amazingly cleans carbon depositions in the fuel line, carburetor/fuel injectors and engine that has been built-up over the years. Depending on engine conditions, this can take between 500km to 2,000km of “driving-in” time. This results in higher fuel economy and restoring the engine like brand new.

Special Benefits of the BARON FUEL SAVER:

  1. Up to 28% Fuel saving on your mileage per liter
  2. Increased acceleration
  3. Reduction in AC drag
  4. Up to 40% Reduction in Carbon Monoxide emissions
  5. Reduction in exhaust smoke
  6. Extends your engine life, cleans out carbon deposits
  7. Up to 30% increase in life of your catalytic converter exhaust system
  8. A smoother running engine
  9. No cutting on fuel line Quite safe & easy to install, No tools required

Vehicles that can use The BARON FUEL SAVER:

Cars, Buses, Trucks, Scooters, Generators, Motorcycles, Ambulances, Auto rickshaws, Locomotives, Earthmoving Equipment, Construction Equipment etc.

Installation Instructions:

For two wheelers install BARON FUEL SAVER 1 No on the petrol pipe.

For four wheelers diesel vehicle install BARON FUEL SAVER 2 devices on each high pressure pipe (Nozzle pipe) on each cylinder & another two devices on the fuel line before pump. For four wheelers petrol driven vehicle install BARON FUEL SAVER 2 Nos close to carburetor or fuel injector on inlet fuel pipe.


  • Vehicle having electronic fuel injection system removes negative battery terminal before installation & reconnect after installation.
  • Install BARON SAVER 10 cm away from electronic sensors.

Caution: This is high power magnetic device keep away from electronics & electrical gadgets.